Sweet Coco Nature Hair & Body Cream
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Sweet Coco Nature Hair & Body Cream

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Sweet Coco Nature Hair & Body Cream


Sweet Coco Nature is a hair & body cream that consists of unrefined shea butter and pure cold-pressed coconut oil with a touch of sweet orange oil. The cream contains plenty of caring and moisturising properties for your skin and hair. In particular, the presence of vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants and allantoin (a natural protein) contributes to strong and healthy hair. Like all our products: the hair & body cream is 100% natural!


Sweet Coco Nature hair and skin care 

How does it help your hair?


Urban Africa Sweet Coco Nature provides a beautiful shine and leaves hair feeling soft and hydrated. Long-term use nourishes, moisturises and strengthens the hair and vitalises dry hair. The cream softens a dry and irritated scalp.



Suitable for curly hair and natural afro hairstyles  (Especially for dry and damaged hair, dry hair ends). Perfect for twists/twist-outs, braids/braid-outs and wash & go styles.


What does Sweet Coco Nature do for your body ?


Sweet Coco Nature is nourishing and healing for your skin. The cream has a beneficial effect on very dry skin. Vitamins ensure that the elasticity of the skin is improved. The skin becomes soft and supple and  healing processes are stimulated. Also sunburn benefits from this cream and will heal faster.



Urban Africa Sweet Coco Nature is suitable for all skin types.


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