Guava Collaborations

Guava is an online marketplace where African Fashion designers,  African artists and vendors who sell or produce African-inspired  products find customers who shop for unique, modern and trendy  African-Inspired fashion pieces. Customers come to to purchase items that they might not find anywhere else.

As a seller on Guava you can focus on what you love to create and spend less time managing and promoting your shop.

Having your own store on Guava you are able to expand your brand, manage orders and respond to customers instantly. 

Meanwhile, we make sure that your brand will be well promoted and assist you wherever we can. We aim to support our vendors with services like styling, marketing and logistics and any other specific questions you may have. We provide tools and support so there is nothing keeping you from being a succesful vendor on

When you establish an account with Guava as a vendor, you will be charged a monthly fee. Guava directly processes all orders placed by Buyers through our shopping cart system. In addition to the monthly fee, Guava charges a fee if you have a successful sale of your listed item(s). We later transfer the total amount earned by your sales minus our fees to your PayPal account.

**** The first six months we waiver the € 20 monthly fee! You only pay the € 25 set up fee if you need our full assistance to set up your account. 

Account setup fee

Monthly fee

Commission per order

€ 25

€ 20


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