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Frequently Asked Questions 

You handle growing your business

Let Guava handle the rest.

When we say it’s never been easier to manage your store, we mean it. Guava handles everything from marketing and payments to collecting orders and secure checkout. Now you can focus on the things you love.


How does Guava.shopping work?

Managing a retail business can be pretty time-consuming. It’s a full-time job. At best. Time is always in short supply. That is where we can help you out. 

With Guava, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease. As an ecommerce marketplace, we help third party vendors to sell their items in an convenient way.

Guava displays your items, collects orders and payments, forward orders to you, tracks delivery, and releases payment to you after deducting a fee.


How do you promote my business?

We aim to support our vendors with services like styling and logistics and any other specific questions you may have. To make sure that our vendors get maximum exposure we will promote your brand and items on a regular basis;

  • on our website
  • through newsletters and
  • social media channels.
  • through Professional Editorial Photo- & Videographics

We provide tools and support so there is nothing keeping you from being a successful vendor on Guava.shopping.


Do I have to pay extra for the promotion?

Until January 1st 2018 our promotional activities are all included in your monthly fee. 


What pictures are accepted?

Please check or image guidelines.

Why do I opt to sell on Guava instead of selling on my own website?

Most of our vendors sell on their own websites as well. So, this is not an either or situation. One reason Guava can be of interest to your business is that we are able to attract huge traffic. For example: For a small seller to attract even a fraction of that traffic on her or his own website eats up valuable time which is better spent on other areas of your business. 

In addition, selling on Guava does away with the requirement of having your own website, hosting, payment gateway, accounting software, website maintenance and troubleshooting, software updates, marketing activities and other headaches. A lot of little things that end up taking a lot of time, and distract you from what you love doing. 

What kind of products can I sell?

At Guava.shopping customers and sellers of African and Africa-inspired fashion and lifestyle products come together. We review all kind of brands, from clothing to home decor. If you are not sure if your product or brand is suitable for selling on Guava, just send an email to hello@guava.shopping. We are here to help you out. 


I am a vendor outside Europe. Can I sell on Guava?

All vendors are welcome to apply to Guava.shopping provided you meet our vendor criteria. However, Guava currently trades in European currency (euro). If accepted, you are only able to set your shop currency to EU to sell on Guava. 

What are the criteria?

When we review your application, we look to see following;

  • you have a professional branding and aestetic at your website or other (sales) channels
  • you have a strong assortment of products 
  • you guarantee that you represent an independent retail business and have the authority to make decisions on behalf of that business. You must be able to provide a valid Tax ID or VAT number for your business.

Guava reserves the right to approve or reject any application to join Guava.shopping as a vendor. For any reason, at any time.

How do I start selling?

After approval of your application you get access to your seller account. When you log into your seller account, you can upload photos, set prices, enter descriptions, shipping rates etc.. That’s it! Oh wait, that’s not all. We  will help you all the way to set up your store. Just to make sure your store will look awesome.

How long does it take before my products are online?

As soon as you have completed set up for your shop it will be viewed for approval. Once approved, you will be able to sell on the guava.shopping Marketplace.

How do you withdraw the monthly fee?

Guava will send you an invoice for the setup fee + the first monthly fee as soon as we start your set up. After that we invoice you for the monthly fee, well monthly. 

Ready to join the Guava family? Apply here!