Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Our cold-pressed coconut oil is a 100% natural product derived from young coconuts. Due to the high concentration of saturated fatty acids, lauric acid, capric acid and vitamin E, the oil is perfect for the care of  your skin as well as your hair hair. Cold-pressed coconut oil hydrates and is rich in natural antioxidants.

The oil can remedy your dry skin, strengthen your hair, give more shine and have a range of other nourishing properties. And because of the mild coconut odor you smell better than ever!


Urban African Naturals Coconut oil cold pressed (200ml) is traditionally produced by small-scale Ghanaian farmers. They produce at low temperatures, keeping essential nutrients. An additional advantage: the cold pressed oil doesn’t harden too much at low temperatures. 


Cold-pressed coconut oil hair and skin care

Benefits for your hair:

Coconut oil cold pressed:

  • penetrates deeply into the hair shaft and restores damaged hair
  • helps in curing protein loss of the hair
  • strengthens the hair
  • gives your hair more shine and softness
  • reduces frizz and hair loss
  • helps in the treatment of dandruff


How Cold Pressed Cocunut Oil helps your skin:

Coconut oil cold pressed:

  • hydrates
  • accelerates skin healing
  • helps with skin rashes
  • protects the skin against sun damage
  • removes makeup easily

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