Cocoa Body Butter
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Cocoa Body Butter

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Cocoa Body Butter

Cocoa body butter is a 100% natural goodness. The butter contains unrefined cocoa butter, pure cold-pressed coconut oil and a touch of citrus oil. Stuffed with vitamin A, vitamin E and natural antioxidants, a true treat for your skin!

The butter has a fresh and gentle chocolate scent and quickly absorbs into the skin.


Wat does Cocoa body butter do for your skin?

The butter provides deep hydration and softening of the skin. After use your skin has a beautiful glow without feeling greasy. Also, the body butter nourishes chapped hands, lips and pregnant skin. The skin's elasticity is retained and improved.


This creamy butter is suitable for all skin types.



  • Apply Cocoa Body Butter to your skin  right after taking a bath or shower. If your skin is still hot and supple the cream will be absorbed more easily.

  • For external use only!

  • Keep cool and dry.

  • After opening, Cocoa body Butter has a shelf life of approximately 6 months.

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