Shea Butter Soap
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Shea Butter Soap

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Shea Butter Soap 


Shea Butter Soap (butyrospermum) is an authentic and traditional handmade Ghanaian product. Like all Urban Africa Naturals products, this soap is 100% natural. Soap does not contain chemicals, preservatives, color or odor substances. This makes it suitable for all skin types and the solution for sensitive skin.Shea soap is concentrated, economical in use and very mild. Also suitable for your hair. This soap hydrates both skin and hair and provides protection without chemical additives.


What does Shea Butter Soap do for your body?

Shea butter soap cleans the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. The soap is moisturising and nourishing. The therapeutic effect is ideal for people with irritated or sensitive skin.


How can it help your hair?


Shea soap can be used as a shampoo and is suitable for all hair types. This soap is especially recommended for people who do not respond well to shampoos with chemical additives or suffer from an irritated scalp. Because of the shea the hair is immediately hydrated and nurtured. 


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